Every Light Has a Story

Olivia can now hear her baby

Olivia Chivita is a patient at Chipembi Rural Health clinic in Zambia. Like most rural clinics in Zambia, Chipembi is lacking access to stable electricity. Solar home systems have now been installed to light up the clinic, and solar rechargeable medical equipment has been delivered. Olivia, who is pregnant with her second child can now for the first time hear her baby with the help of the solar powered foetal doppler.

A night at St. Luke's Hospital

St Luke’s Hospital is located in rural Zambia. When the sun sets, the doctors and nurses can perform life saving procedures knowing they have access to solar lights. But Sister Martha remembers a time before that.

Derrick dreams of becoming a teacher

At 7 pm each night, Derrick sits down to study for an hour and a half, with the solar light he has borrowed from the recently opened school Light Library. Since he got access to a solar light, he's become one of the best students in his school. Derrick now dreams of becoming a teacher.

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