A light in the community

Percy Kantunda, 80, Likonde village, Domasi, Zomba, Malawi. June 24, 2021

“We are now prepared like boy scouts.”

Percy Katununda is an 80-year-old farmer, father, and husband living in rural Malawi. He lives with his wife, his daughter, and 3 grandchildren. 

For Percy and his family, having light is an issue of safety. Their kitchen and toilet facilities are outside leaving them vulnerable to snakes and scorpions when using them in the evening. With their solar light, the whole family feels safe and protected.

“We are very much protected because we have the light.”

But, the solar light isn’t just for himself. As an integral part of his community, Percy acts as a village headman and hosts evening prayers in his home every night. These gatherings allow the community to come together and give students the chance to study safely by solar light.

Percy Kantunda’s LP 190, Likonde village, Domasi, Zomba, Malawi. June 24, 2021

“Whenever you’ve got light at such an occasion, everyone appreciates it. They feel very much relieved that they can go somewhere without fear of snakes or scorpions.”

Before purchasing a solar light, Percy relied on candlelight, which “provide very limited light.” Now, he is able to extend his day and share his light throughout the community. 

The uses of his light include, “cookery in the kitchen, studying, church services in the home, monitoring and security from snakes. And sometimes, when you hear extraordinary sounds, you use a solar lamp to see what is happening.”