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Can Energy-as-a-Service be a solution to sub-Sahara’s energy related health crises?

Across sub-Saharan Africa, people are denied access to modern healthcare and face unnecessary risk when visiting healthcare facilities. 60% of healthcare facilities lack reliable access to electricity, with 15% lacking access completely. While PV solar systems offer a solution which can be rapidly deployed providing much needed light and power to rural health facilities, there […]

Aerial view of terrain while traveling in Kapiri, Zambia

60 Decibels Energy Impact Awards 2024

As an organisation delivering off-grid energy, our mission is to light up every home, school and clinic in Africa by 2030. How well are we achieving this when compared with other energy organisations? We’re proud to have our Social Enterprise SunnyMoney Zambia named a 60 Decibels Energy Top Impact Award winner for Solar Lanterns this […]

A reflection on 2023

Looking out the rear window on the year we are leaving behind, we are proud to, yet again, see thousands of homes getting a light switch for the first time. We are seeing children reading by clean, safe light, women entrepreneurs (‘Mayi Walas’) creating flourishing businesses, solar Repair Technicians giving second life to broken lights […]

Annual Review 2022/23

This Annual Review covers the financial year ending March 2023 as well as impact numbers and future plans. Download Now

Annual Report 2022/23

This Annual Report covers the financial year ending March 2023 as well as impact numbers and future plans including our financial statements. Download Now

Good News Stories From Around the World

With the ongoing news about the increasing impacts of climate change, mounting biodiversity loss, geopolitical tensions and social inequalities, we believe it’s important to highlight the wins of collective action to ensure we don’t lose hope of the future we are working towards.  That’s why every week we post five wins from across the world […]

Drone photo of a thatched roof hut in Zambia with a solar panel on the roof.

A call to triple renewable energy capacity

COP28 comes at a pivotal point in time, seven years on from the signing of the Paris Agreement, and seven years to go until the looming 2030 deadline, by which time we need to cut global emissions by nearly half in order to stay on track for a below 2°C warming. But, the weight of […]

Football for solar

27th October arrived – a big day, etched into the calendars for colleagues across Pangea Talent Solutions. It was the day of the long-awaited football match, taking on their sector rivals Parallel – all in the name of raising money for SolarAid. Their ‘rivalry’ stems from both being in the talent industry which is “fearlessly […]

Off-grid solar repair in Africa: from burden to opportunity

Off-grid solar repair in Africa: from burden to opportunity is a white paper written by the University of New South Wales and SolarAid. This white paper aims to share knowledge and learnings to facilitate replication of their successful repair pilot across the continent. It explores the potential for solar energy kit (SEK) repair in Africa […]

Building climate resilience in remote African communities

The climate crisis is here and Africa is at the forefront. In the most recent IPCC report, it was emphasised that Africa is warming at a faster pace than the rest of the world, despite contributing the least to global carbon emissions. The effects of this are being felt across the continent and the ability […]