At SolarAid, people are at the heart of everything we do. We believe clean and sustainable energy can bring about significant change in all aspects of life, from education to healthcare and entrepreneurship to community life. Every solar light distributed helps create a brighter, more sustainable future where parents can earn, children can learn and the planet can breathe a bit easier.


Building sustainable businesses

Solar lights are more than just a way to brighten the night; they spark the spirit of business and innovation. From starting their own solar light businesses to lighting up market stalls and tailoring stations, entrepreneurs in rural Africa use solar power to support their families and transform their communities.


Fabriola uses her solar light to read at night

Shining a light on education

For children, a solar light means their dreams are within reach. With clean, safe light, they can keep studying after the sun sets helping them pass their exams and realise their hopes for the future are possible.

Powering healthcare

For healthcare workers like midwives, solar light is essential. It lets them provide care at any hour, safely delivering babies and handling emergencies without worrying about daylight. Solar lights in healthcare show our commitment to not just bettering lives but saving them.

A solar light above a book.

A solar light changes everything.

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