Sustainable Change can happen overnight

590 million people across sub-Saharan Africa live without electricity. When the sun goes down the working day ends for millions of people. For millions of others the only option is to ignite kerosene lamps and paraffin candles, which emit toxic fumes into the earth’s atmosphere. But with the flick of a switch, we can change that story. Every solar light in someone’s hand is an instant win for people and the planet.

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Solar Powered Stories

"It was like magic"

Kenedy had a lot worries before he got access to light. What would his children's future look like? What dangers lurk outside his home? How will he expand his business? But everything changed the instant his switched his solar lights on.

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Episode Five of Permission to Fail

What can failure, learning and success look like when designing a new programme? Do we, as development organisations recognise the domino effects that our well meaning interventions can have on rural communities and the environment? And when recognising these, how can we turn them into opportunities?

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Building climate resilience in remote African communities

Those who have contributed the least to climate change are the least able to cope and the least able to recover. Yet, just as Africa is particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, so too can the continent play a big part in the solution with support from the global community.

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The power of solar

A solar light changes everything. It's a small invention with a big impact.

  • The solar light

    The small invention with an instant impact

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  • Solar Entrepreneurs

    Working with local communities means we can reach further, faster

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  • Bright Learning

    Solar lights mean children can study & learn after dark

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  • Powering Healthcare

    Clean, safe light ensures that clinics are safe for all, no matter the time of day

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Sister Grace welcomes a newborn into the world with her solar light.

We do charity differently

We work alongside the most remote communities to create sustainable and scalable programmes centred around building local enterprise which in turn creates resilience to the climate crisis.

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