Change can happen overnight

590 million people across sub-Saharan Africa live without electricity. When the sun goes down the working day ends for millions of people. For millions of others the only option is to ignite kerosene lamps and paraffin candles, which emit toxic fumes into the earth’s atmosphere. But with the flick of a switch, we can change that story. Every solar light in someone’s hand is an instant win for people and the planet.

Light up lives today
A girl reads by solar light.

Every light tells a story

The Journey of a Solar Light

The country of Zambia is vast and reaching those in the most remote areas is no simple task. Communications Officer, Thomas, meets with four of our most remotely located agents to learn more about how we are reaching last mile communities.

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No mother left in the dark

75% of rural clinics in sub-Saharan Africa lack access to electricity putting patients, and especially new mothers, at risk. Tokozile travels to remote clinics in Zambia meeting the women who are experiencing giving birth in light for the first time.

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The power of solar

A solar light changes everything. It's a small invention with a big impact.

We do charity differently

We do charity differently. Through our social enterprise SunnyMoney, we create a local market and prioritise reaching people and places who are being left behind by business as usual.

Our Social Enterprise

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  • 2.2M

    lights distributed worldwide.

  • 12M

    people in sub-Saharan Africa reached by clean, safe, affordable light.

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    tonnes of CO2 emissions averted from the atmosphere.