Meavo Corporate Partnership

Since our partnership began in 2020, over £33,000 has been raised.

MEAVO is passionately committed to crafting sustainable, customisable, and budget-friendly office phone booths and meeting pods. Their fully equipped booths cater precisely to clients’ requirements, featuring a wide range of colours that seamlessly complement any space. Innovation and sustainability drive their mission, ensuring a brighter future for functional and eco-conscious spaces.

Why the Partnership works

Common Mission

MEAVO and SolarAid share a common mission to improve the lives of communities in developing regions by providing access to safe, clean, and affordable solar lights.

Sustainable Impact

MEAVO recognises the significant positive impact of SolarAid’s work in providing solar lights to those in need, aligning perfectly with MEAVO’s purpose of contributing to a sustainable future. By donating 2 solar lamps per phone booth or meeting pod sold, MEAVO actively contributes to reducing the carbon footprint by saving 2 tonnes of CO2 emissions that would have been generated by burning kerosene lamps.

Fabriola uses her solar light to read at night

Empowering Education

Both organisations understand the crucial role of education in breaking the cycle of poverty. By providing solar lights, SolarAid enables children in Zambia to have 2,000 extra hours of study time, fostering education and empowering future generations.

This tangible impact allows MEAVO and its customers to directly see the positive change they are making. Overall, MEAVO’s partnership with SolarAid not only aligns with its goals but also empowers communities, positively impacts the environment, and fosters education. Over 7,200 solar lamps have been donated to families in Africa with the help of MEAVO, enabling SolarAid to continue its mission of providing safe, clean, and affordable solar lights to those who need it most.

A trader at a market near St Luke Mission Hospital in Rufunsa, Zambia using the Pro 400 solar light.

"It’s been fantastic partnering with SolarAid. We are glad that through their solar lamps our business can help improve the lives of so many people while combating climate change at the same time. Our clients are equally pleased that they can contribute as well."
Thomas Anselmino, Co-founder at MEAVO