School Campaigns

SolarAid’s social enterprise, SunnyMoney has worked with thousands of schools across rural Africa, helping us kickstart solar markets and bring solar lighting to over 12 million people.

We began this work in 2010, together with schools in Tanzania, before expanding the model to Kenya, Malawi, Uganda and Zambia. We learned that head teachers were perfectly placed to introduce solar lights to rural communities. Teachers tell the children, children tell their parents.

By working with schools and their head teachers, we can build awareness, trust and demand for solar lights. While working to serve rural communities is expensive, by partnering with Ministries of Education, we had ‘cracked the code’ of how to efficiently and effectively introduce solar lights to rural communities and provide students with the opportunity to do better at school, helping them study after dark.

Teachers on the impacts of solar

"I started noticing that more parents were buying lights for their children to use for school, and a few children had saved money themselves to buy a solar light. Seeing this change happen with more parents and children realising the positive impact a solar light can have on their lives has really given me hope for the future of people living in the rural areas we go to."
Chido Chigubu, Field Coordinator, SunnyMoney Zambia