Studio Kinza Corporate Partnership

We’re delighted to have Dubai based Studio Kinza on board as a corporate supporter. Since 2022, they have been supporting SolarAid raising awareness of our work with customers during candle making workshops and events. Tahrima Mustafa writes about our partnership and how important a shared mission and corporate social responsibility is.

At Studio Kinza, we believe in the power of business to drive positive change. That’s why we’ve partnered with SolarAid, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing clean, affordable solar lights to communities in sub-Saharan Africa. For every candle sold and workshop conducted, we donate $1 USD to SolarAid. This commitment allows us to directly contribute to SolarAid’s mission, helping to bring light to places where reliable electricity remains a distant dream.

Our decision to support SolarAid is rooted in our deep-seated values and mission at Studio Kinza. We firmly believe in the transformative power of sustainable energy. Access to electricity isn’t just a convenience; it’s a fundamental human right that can enhance quality of life, education, and economic opportunities, especially in underserved regions. SolarAid’s focus on providing clean, affordable solar lights aligns perfectly with this belief, making it an ideal partner for us.

When our clients purchase our candles or attend our workshops, they aren’t just enhancing their own living spaces with our beautifully crafted products. They’re also making a tangible impact by lighting up homes in distant communities. This dual impact resonates deeply with us—it’s about more than business; it’s about embodying our purpose as a company that cares about people and the planet.

Candle making workshop by Studio Kinza at World Art Dubai

Supporting SolarAid reflects our core values of social responsibility and environmental stewardship. It allows us to leverage our business as a force for positive change beyond mere product sales. This initiative enriches our company culture, inspires our team, and resonates deeply with our customers, who increasingly seek brands that prioritize social impact and sustainability.

The feedback we receive from our customers underscores the significance of our partnership with SolarAid. They express pride and satisfaction in knowing that their purchases contribute meaningfully to improving lives and fostering sustainable development. This initiative not only helps us attract and retain loyal customers but also enhances team morale within our company. Knowing that our work goes beyond profits to positively impact lives globally motivates us to continuously innovate and improve our offerings.

To other companies considering similar initiatives, we encourage you to join us in supporting SolarAid. It’s more than just a charitable gesture—it’s a strategic decision that aligns corporate social responsibility efforts with sustainable development goals. By investing in renewable energy solutions and equitable access to electricity, businesses can create lasting social and environmental impact while contributing to a brighter, more sustainable future for communities worldwide.

At Studio Kinza, supporting SolarAid isn’t just about what we do; it’s about who we are—a company committed to making a positive difference in the world. Together with SolarAid and our customers, we believe in the collective power to drive meaningful change and build a better tomorrow.