Our Programmes

Kennedy switches on a solar light in his home
John January and his family, enjoy their solar light at their home.

Light a Village

Light a Village creates total community transformation. Every home in a village receives a solar home system for free and pay for their energy usage on a pay as you go basis.

Fabriola and her sisters sit together smiling while reading a book

Light Libraries

For the poorest families, even the most affordable solar lights available remain out of reach. A Light Library is like a book library, but for solar lights!

Powering Healthcare

Without access to electricity, health facilities are unable to provide access to modern healthcare. SolarAid has committed to ensuring that no clinic in Africa is left in the dark, without access to light and power.

Penny demonstrating solar lights to a customer

Solar Entrepreneurs

We believe the best way to make long-lasting change is through creating a local market. We do this by training and supporting entrepreneurs to sell solar lights. This creates sustainable income and business opportunities for the entrepreneur as well as, customers rather than beneficiaries.

Tackling Solar E-waste

What happens to our solar lights once they stop working? How can we keep them from contributing to Africa’s growing e-waste problem? These are questions that SolarAid is working on through its e-waste project in Zambia.

Mayi Walas

The ‘Shining Mothers,’ or Mayi Walas in Chichewa, Malawi’s national language, recruits, trains and supports women entrepreneurs to run solar light businesses across rural Malawi.

School Campaigns

We work with local schools and head teachers to build trust and demand for solar lights. This model has reached over 11 million people with solar light.

PAYG Entry Level Lights

One of the biggest challenges to widespread rural access of solar lights is affordability.

While the cost of manufacturing solar lights has reduced dramatically in recent years, even the most affordable solar light is too expensive for many families where we work.

One of the innovations to overcome this problem is to move from one-off cash payments to Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG).


We have created the first ever energy cooperative in Malawi – FEBCO. The innovation has been designed by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs.