What we do

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to ensuring that everyone has access to clean, safe solar light. We work with local communities to create sustainable and scalable programmes that put people at the centre.

Kennedy switches on a solar light in his home

Our Programmes

Working in partnership with local communities, we develop, build and scale innovative programmes that ensure everyone can have access to light.

The Solar Light

A small solar light can have a big impact. Every light means that parents can earn, children can learn and the planet can breath a bit easier.

Our Social Enterprise

We do charity differently. We have developed a model to create local markets which allows our solar lights to reach the places and people that the traditional market will not reach.

Our Impact

The impact of a solar light is far reaching. From education to poverty as well as safety, health and the environment, a solar light can truly change everything in an instant.

  • 2.3M

    lights distributed worldwide

  • 12.5M

    people in sub-Saharan Africa reached by clean, safe, affordable light.

  • $297M

    saved by families a year

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Whether it’s a single or regular gift, you’ll transform lives in an instant