Nomad Exhibitions Corporate Partnership

Exhibitions bring immense cultural benefit to audiences throughout the world and facilitate shared heritage and knowledge with the potential to enrich lives and expand the reach of cultural organisations beyond their own borders. For over ten years Nomad Exhibitions has been refining the design and production process of exhibition making to pioneer a new approach that has a greatly reduced environmental impact. 

In 2022, Nomad were introduced to SolarAid’s extraordinary work by the Gallery Climate Coalition as they were looking for a meaningful way to account for their carbon footprint. Nomad’s participation in other international programmes had been based on carbon offsets, but they were looking for a way in which they could use their unique assets and skills to support de-carbonisation work more proactively.

How Nomad Exhibitions Supports SolarAid

Through a partnership with SolarAid, Nomad has found an opportunity to provide exhibitions and displays that help to increase SolarAid’s visibility and reach in a high quality and sustainable way. This has involved producing striking large-scale graphics and display stands for conferences and events, all avoiding carbon-intensive production and waste.

Shared Goals

Nomad and SolarAid share the goal to use innovative technology and design to create a more sustainable future. They also share a commitment to promote education and celebrate heritage as a means to enrich and sustain communities in ways that do not harm the planet. This synergy allows Nomad to refer to SolarAid’s work seamlessly within its own promotional activities.

Offering what the Nomad team have the means to provide, in return for participation in SolarAid’s life-changing work, is a privilege that resonates with all Nomad’s team on an individual level. As a business, after more than a decade of development and innovation, Nomad now feels it has found a partner to share an even more ambitious future.

"Partnerships can be extraordinary and can deliver in so many different and often unexpected ways. When we set out on our own partnership journey with SolarAid we hoped to secure a means to account for our carbon footprint. We now recognise our partnership as an extension of our own corporate philosophy, it reaches all areas of our work and influences how we communicate with our other partners and clients, and they in turn see it as part of our identity. That’s very special!"
Tim Pethick, CEO
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