Why we exist

SolarAid exists because right now, 590 million people across sub-Saharan Africa lack access to clean, safe, affordable light – endangering people and the planet.

But there is a simple solution – solar lights. 

Solar lights extend the working day and remove the need to use dirty and dangerous fuels like kerosene meaning parents can earn, children can learn and the planet can breathe a bit easier. 

Through our social enterprise model, we support people to create thriving solar businesses that tackle poverty and climate change.

Join us. Together, we can make light work.

Our Focus Areas

Penny places his solar light on the roof to charge


Our people first approach creates sustainable, long-term transformation in the most remote communities.


A small solar light has an immediate impact on the environment helping us create a more sustainable future.

"At SolarAid, we know a solar light won’t solve everything, but it is a simple and practical first step. We know that solar power improves livelihoods and builds resilience within vulnerable communities. This is why we are working with partners not just in Malawi and Zambia, but also now in Senegal and Madagascar. "
John Keane, SolarAid CEO

Who We Are

About Us

SolarAid is an international development charity working alongside communities in the most rural and hard to reach areas of sub-Saharan Africa to tackle poverty and the climate crisis through access to clean, safe solar lights.

How we work

We do charity differently. We work alongside the most remote communities to create sustainable and scalable programmes centred around building local enterprise which in turn creates resilience to the climate crisis.

Where we work

Alongside direct action on the ground, we engage with partners, governments and development actors to advocate for change.

A solar light above a book.