Every Light Has a Story

A solar light above a book.
Eness is putting hersolar light on the roof of her house to charge it in the sun light.

A sense of independence

Eness Naliwa struggled to feed her family with the small amount she made from her businesses. When solar came to her village, everything changed.

"It was like magic"

Kenedy had a lot worries before he got access to light. What would his children’s future look like? What dangers lurk outside his home? How will he expand his business? But everything changed the instant his switched his solar lights on.

The Power of Togetherness

There is power when women come together. Mayi Walas, Margret and Sagurani, know this first hand. From creating thriving sustainable businesses to building relationships with other women in the community, solar lights change everything.

Transformative business

Sagurani Friday is no stranger to hard work and when the opportunity to start her own solar business arrived, she took it. Working together with a group of women has transformed her life and business.

Light transforms lives

John January lost everything to a housefire and had to start anew. With his family by his side, he choose never to use dangerous light again. When solar came to his village, everything changed.

Light means safety

Kesilina knows the dangers that darkness pose. She nearly lost everything to a housefire, but without access to light, she had little choice to choose an alternative. With solar, her life changed.

A dream fufilled

For Goodwell, education is everything. He wants to offer all opportunities to his children to create the lives they dream of. With solar, this became possible.

The Last Baby to Be Born in the Dark

About 75% of health clinics in sub- Saharan Africa lack access to reliable electricity. Mtimabii Health Clinic in Mangochi, rural Malawi was one of these. But those dark nights are now a thing of the past at Mtimabii and Baby Diana is the last baby will be born in the dark.

A light in the community

For Percy, life revolves around community. Without light, it was difficult for him to connect and serve his neighbours. His solar light has created a safe place for his community to gather.

Olivia is sitting on a hospital bed, smiling.

Olivia can now hear her baby

Olivia Chivita is a patient at Chipembi Rural Health clinic in Zambia. Like most rural clinics in Zambia, Chipembi is lacking access to stable electricity. Solar home systems have now been installed to light up the clinic, and solar rechargeable medical equipment has been delivered. Olivia, who is pregnant with her second child can now for the first time hear her baby with the help of the solar powered foetal doppler.

A night at St. Luke's Hospital

St Luke’s Hospital is located in rural Zambia. When the sun sets, the doctors and nurses can perform life saving procedures knowing they have access to solar lights. But
Sister Martha remembers a time before that.

Derrick dreams of becoming a teacher

At 7 pm each night, Derrick sits down to study for an hour and a half, with the solar light he has borrowed from the recently opened school Light Library. Since he got access to a solar light, he’s become one of the best students in his school. Derrick now dreams of becoming a teacher.

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0000 solar lights reaching 0000 people, with 0000 currently using dangerous, toxic and poor sources of light.
This will lead to total savings of 0000 a year, with 0000 people feeling safer at home and 0000 more children studying after dark.

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