Corporate partnerships

Sylvia enjoys her solar light in her home.

 We partner with companies to bring light to the lives of people who need it most. Our corporate partners, and their employees, play a vital role in ensuring that everyone has access to clean, safe, affordable light.

We are passionate about building partnerships that deliver tangible benefits for our company partners. We help support them on their ESG goals, engage and inspire employees and provide powerful case studies to demonstrate their impact.

Fabriola uses her solar light to read at night

Fabriola uses her solar light to read at night

Current Partners


In 2021, Statkraft committed £2 million to SolarAid over three years to help develop our new strategy of leaving no one behind to reach the 590 million people in sub-Saharan Africa, who have no access to electricity, with affordable solar powered solutions that make an instant impact on their lives.

“SolarAid is a fantastic organisation with a sustainable and scalable solution that is improving the lives of over 10 million people living in rural Africa. SolarAid offers a future free from the shackles of costly, polluting and dangerous kerosene but they need help to keep momentum going. If you want to help create a cleaner future, I urge you to support SolarAid today.”

Susannah Wood, VP Public Affairs, Statkraft

Since 2022, British lighting company Astro Lighting have committed to supporting SolarAid by providing funds and  sharing their expertise to support our mission.

The ERM Foundation is excited to be providing grant funding for SolarAid’s Mayi Walas project to support the solar entrepreneur groups from early stages of recruitment and training to the launch of self-sustainability businesses to provide economic independence for these women. Through this project, the ERM Foundation will be working with SolarAid to inspire and engage ERM employees to support their mission to light up every home, school and clinic in Africa by 2030. 

As part of their commitment to promote sustainable development and reduce fossil fuel use, Nomad Exhibitions provide financial support, valuable expertise and exhibition systems to help promote SolarAid’s work.

Pinwheel supports SolarAid through their tech platform, supporting businesses to take sustainable action and support our mission, whilst engaging their customers and employees.

EDF Renewables is passionate about creating a clean energy future and are proud to support SolarAid’s game-changing Light a Village Initiative to bring solar power to the poorest communities and remotest areas in sub Saharan Africa.

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Inspiring Employees

We work with our partners to deliver a range of virtual volunteering opportunities, as well as inspiring fundraising activities to motivate and engage employees.

Engaging Customers

Our partners communicate their business purpose to their target audiences, by partnering with us to light up people’s lives.

Aliya and her firends rent a torch in Malawi.

Global Impact

Our partners are committed to making a global impact, and we work with them to turn that commitment into a reality.

Lyndsay Dixon, Corporate Partnerships Manager
[email protected]