The message is clear – renewable energy is vital to limiting warming to 1.5°C. A simple solar light makes an instant impact in the fight against climate change. Solar lights cut down harmful emissions by replacing kerosene lamps, clearing our air from pollutants, and reducing our carbon footprint while building resilience in climate vulnerable communities.

John January and his family sit outside their home under their solar light

Light a village

Light a Village works in the most remote and poorest communities. Through providing every family a solar home system, we help families move away from toxic, polluting kerosene lamps while building resilience.

Tacking Solar E-Waste

What happens to our solar lights once they stop working? How can we keep them from contributing to Africa’s growing e-waste problem? These are questions that SolarAid is working on through its e-waste project in Zambia.

A solar light above a book.

A solar light changes everything.

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