What if we could...

Change a life and tackle the climate crisis? Transform an exam mark from a ‘C’ to an ‘A’? Deliver a baby and a greener planet? In a world where dreams are fuelled by ambition, every journey begins with a simple question: "What if we could...?" And the answer is just as simple - together we can. At the flick of a switch.

Change a life today
Fabriola uses her solar light to read at night

Solar Powered Stories

Last baby born in the dark

About 75% of health clinics in sub- Saharan Africa lack access to reliable electricity. Mtimabii Health Clinic in Mangochi, rural Malawi was one of these. But those dark nights are now a thing of the past at Mtimabii and Baby Diana is the last baby who will have been born in the dark.

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The power of solar

A solar light changes everything. It's a small invention with a big impact.

  • The solar light

    The small invention with an instant impact

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  • Solar Entrepreneurs

    Working with local communities means we can reach further, faster

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  • Bright Learning

    Solar lights mean children can study & learn after dark

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  • Powering Healthcare

    Clean, safe light ensures that clinics are safe for all, no matter the time of day

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Sister Grace welcomes a newborn into the world with her solar light.

We do charity differently

We work alongside the most remote communities to create sustainable and scalable programmes centred around building local enterprise which in turn creates resilience to the climate crisis.

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The impact of a solar light is truly remarkable. Type in a gift amount in the box and you’ll be amazed by how far your generosity will stretch.

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0000 solar lights reaching 0000 people, with 0000 currently using dangerous, toxic and poor sources of light.
This will lead to total savings of 0000 a year, with 0000 people feeling safer at home and 0000 more children studying after dark.

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Your donation, whether big or small, makes a difference to families living without electricity in their homes. To activate the calculator please input an amount in increments of £15, which equals one solar light distributed. You can learn more about how we calculate here