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2022: Making Light Work

John Keane


2022 has been quite a year.

As we came out of Covid 19 lockdowns at the start of the year, our teams continued to bring solar light and power to rural communities.

As we found ourselves in the midst of a cost of living crisis impacting people across the globe, we ramped up our efforts to implement new models making solar affordable for everyone.

As the climate crisis continued unabated, we continued to partner with rural communities, using solar power to create resilience.

But, despite everything, our amazing supporters continued to show up. You continued to create the world you know to be possible. You continued to choose hope and light over everything. That is truly incredible. We can’t thank you enough – but we created a little video to try (hit full screen, you won’t regret it).

This year alone, our community has enabled us to impact over half a million people across Malawi and Zambia. 

Families like John January’s who are saving money. Women like Kesilina who now feel safe at night. Students like Fabriola who can feel their dreams becoming a reality. Entrepreneurs like Simon and Eness who now have thriving, sustainable businesses. Repair agents like Rodgers who have hope for the future and the environment.

We have also increased our focus on working together with like-minded partners across Africa in order to reach communities across the continent. 2022 saw us continuing to support Elle Solaire in Senegal, creating opportunities for women entrepreneurs to light up their communities. It also saw us strike up new partnerships in Madagascar, a country at the forefront of the climate crisis where access to electricity is extremely limited. We look forward to reporting more on this work in 2023.

With 674 million people projected to be living without access to electricity by 2030, 90% within Africa, the scale of the challenge is immense. But, we have the technology, we understand the barriers and we are not alone.

We have incredible teams and entrepreneurs across Malawi and Zambia.

We have a growing number of like-minded partners across the continent.

And, we have you – our wonderful supporters.

2030 is not far away. In order to achieve universal access to electricity by 2030, your support is vital. At SolarAid, we’ll be ready to go again in 2023.

Wishing you all the best for the holidays and a happy new year.