Night Without Light

Could you spend a night without light?

Candle flame in TA Kasakula's hands

Night Without Light


On 13th October 2022 we are challenging everyone to go for one night without using electricity. That means no light, no internet, no phone and no TV!

It’s a chance for you to experience what it’s like living in darkness. This is a reality every evening at 6pm when the sun sets for 590 million people in sub-Saharan Africa, who have no access to electricity.

Families hurry to cook dinner, while children rush to get their chores and school work done before the darkness sets in. They have little choice but to use dangerous and toxic forms of light such as kerosene or candles to see in the pitch black.

By taking part in Night Without Light, and fundraising, your donations will transform lives. You will give families in sub-Saharan Africa access to safe, clean and affordable solar lights. They are a small, simple but innovative solution that provides hours of light in the evening so children learn, families can thrive and everyone can feel safe after dark.

Join people all over the world, spending a Night Without Light, to help light up lives across sub-Saharan Africa.

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