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This year, SolarAid celebrates a decade of work towards a sustainable future, by distributing solar lights in rural communities in Africa. We’ve helped over 10 million people get access to clean, affordable solar light and helped catalyse two of the first solar lighting markets in Kenya and Tanzania.

But we couldn’t have done it alone. In fact, we couldn’t have achieved even a fraction of the impact we’ve made without the help of our amazing supporters. It’s the people we’ve partnered with and the thousands of incredible donors, ambassadors and customers we’ve met along the way who have made SolarAid the success it is today.

So this autumn we are launching our #Powerof10 campaign, in recognition of all the amazing people who have helped make SolarAid possible, and to drive forward our mission to eradicate the kerosene lamp.

Ideas can spread like wildfire, especially good ones that people are proud to pass on, and solar lights are undoubtedly a bright idea. Just one solar light has huge impact and can transform lives in a multitude of ways.

But there are still almost 600 million people in Africa who lack access to electricity, so there is still more work to be done. We have to spread our message further, so we can spread the light faster and help provide access to clean affordable electricity to everyone.

What can you do?
Simply tell 10 friends there is a solution to bring people out of the dark, to transform the lives of millions through the distribution of solar lights, which create micro social enterprises, which reduce poverty, and improve health, and increase education and…

If YOU share it, this message will spread, and multiply, and spread further, and multiply again and spread further still… And soon, the message will create a community working together to light up a continent.

That’s the power of 10! Join the movement and help us spread the light!

Tell ten of your friends about SolarAid today.

In the evening of the 4th of October SolarAid is holding a little event at the Bulgari Hotel in Knightsbridge, London, to celebrate 10 years of our impact in Africa and to launch our new solar light, the SM100. If you would like to come and help us celebrate and spread the light faster, please email your name to [email protected] and we will send you an invitation. (Places to this exclusive event are limited so this is a first come, first served offer and we can not guarantee that everyone who emails us will be able to come – sorry!)