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The impact of a solar light on a family in Africa is truly remarkable. Type in a gift amount in the box below and you’ll be amazed by how far your generosity will stretch. Remember, light changes everything.

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0000 solar lights, help SolarAid reach 0000 people, save families 0000, give children 0000 hours of extra study time, decrease CO2 emissions by 0000 and allow 0000 people to live healthier lives.

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This estimation of the impact of your donation has been formed by over 30,000 direct research interactions with people who have bought solar lights from us.

When we first launched our Impact Calculator in 2015, it was the first time in history this impact had been understood in real data.

To gather quantitative impacts, we have spoken with people before they have purchased a solar light and after. By doing this, you can see how much a family’s life has changed. 

This is your impact. The most amazing thing is the impact of one whole solar light comes with a donation of just £4.

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