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A tattoo for renewable energy

Sarah Knight


“I’m not a big fan of tattoos”, is not something you would expect someone to say who set up a GoFundMe page dedicated to fundraising £2,000, with the promise of getting a tattoo if the target is met. But that’s how committed SolarAid supporter Richard Lowes is to renewable energy. 

Working at a not-for-profit organisation, Richard works on sustainable energy policy and understands the importance of renewable energy, and access for all. He set up the campaign to raise awareness of gas industry lobbying to slow climate action. Before setting up this fundraiser, Richard had donated to SolarAid because of the simplicity and impact, “donations become real life, life-changing clean energy”.

Having reached his £2,000 target, Richard has kept his promise and can now be seen sporting a new tattoo! 

Richard Lowes showing off his new tattoo.

Although getting a tattoo may seem extreme to many, Richard said “most people were down with it – they have known me for some time and for some reason didn’t seem that surprised. In many ways, this tattoo is more sensible than the other idea of a Lizard climbing up a ladder on my leg.”

“My father-in-law said the classic: what about when you are 70 and your skin is all wrinkly to which I responded: ‘I think I might have other concerns when I am 70 beyond this rad tat!’”

It’s thanks to supporters like Richard, and his imaginative fundraising that together, we are one step closer to universal access to safe, clean, renewable energy. And if he has one piece of advice for those considering fundraising for SolarAid it’s: “Do it, every pound makes a difference. And people love renewable energy”.

Richard is planning his next fundraiser for SolarAid, get in touch with him on Twitter if you’ve got any ideas- he’d love to hear from you! 

It’s now your opportunity to surprise us with your fundraising ideas, although we know getting a tattoo isn’t for everyone! Whether it’s writing a book, completing a marathon or spending a Night Without Light, we’re here to help you make the most of the skills you have and turn them into solar lights.