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Your support is reaching those left in the dark

Last week we shared a sunny update from our team in Malawi about the impact your support has had on health clinics trying to tackle the virus. We shared a story from Zomba District Hospital, where solar products, funded by your donations, were delivered to help in their vital work treating patients. Our team has […]

The journey of solar lights to a COVID-19 isolation centre in Malawi

Today is the International Day of Light, and we would like to share the impact our Moment of Sunshine appeal has had on health clinics in Malawi. Light is perhaps now, more important than ever, but most of the health facilities that have been constructed by the Malawian government to tackle the virus do not have electricity […]

COVID-19 myths spreading in rural Zambia and Malawi

My name is Lazarous Chidakwa, I have been a Recycling Assistant and Driver with SunnyMoney Zambia for almost 6 months. My team’s way of working has changed during the pandemic, which now includes reaching out to customers in the field through phone calls to encourage them on safe practices of hygiene in order to combat […]

You can triple your impact on the COVID-19 response

My name is Brave Mhonie, I lead the team in Malawi. I hope you are keeping safe and well. I love the SolarAid supporters, and I am worried to hear of the updates about the coronavirus outbreak across so many countries. We have the same concerns about our own country. At the moment of writing […]

Press release: solar is lighting up Malawi’s un-electrified clinics

Over 15.6 million people in Malawi are facing the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic while living without electricity and rural health clinics are operating in darkness as the virus spreads. SolarAid, a UK based international NGO, moved quickly, expanding its operations towards supporting the Ministry of Health and to distributing solar lights and systems to […]

Moment of Sunshine milestone

  Our appeal has reached its first milestone. The first £15,000 has now been matched by you – our amazing supporters! Thank you. Here is a message from me, We still have a way to go to reach the £162k target. However, we are working on the next pot of match-funding to ensure your Moment of […]

Moment of Sunshine for you

  My name is Danielle and I’m often the first to read your email or donation messages, or answer your phone call. It’s been an inspirational few weeks hearing from you as we move forward in our new reality. Thank you. Many of you have shared your Moment of Sunshine with us – the things that […]

Your Moment of Sunshine

My name is Chido Chigubu and I am a Field Coordinator for SunnyMoney in Zambia. Although, I am not in the field at the moment. None of us are. We are not able to travel to rural families and schools with solar lights because of the outbreak. We have to be able to carry on. […]

Press release: Zambia, facing a pandemic in the dark

A pandemic in the dark – SolarAid is supporting Zambia to light up health clinics lacking electricity   At the depths of the global pandemic of COVID-19, 10.2 million people in Zambia are facing the threat of the virus while living without electricity and rural health clinics are plunged in darkness as the virus is […]

COVID-19: A letter from John Keane, CEO, SolarAid

  Greetings from all of us at SolarAid at this challenging time. As the world struggles to cope with the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, I wanted to share with you the action we have been taking to help ensure the safety of our staff and everyone we work with. The safety and well-being of […]