Meet the customer service representatives lighting up Ntchisi

Group of customer service representatives.
In Malawi, Light a Village, aims to provide every household in one unelectrified village with access to a solar home system. In June, SunnyMoney trained a group of Customer Service Representatives (CSR) to help roll out Light a Village in Ntchisi.

At Chiko 2 School in Ntchisi, Malawi , a group of new CSRs of all ages gathered to begin their journey of working with SunnyMoney. Within the four walls of the brightly coloured classroom, the Light a Village training began. Each CSR would learn the part they would play in ending the darkness beginning with finding the right customers. From there, they would learn how to install the solar equipment and manage fee payment and customer relations.

Teacher leading the Light a Village training.

Dalitso Kudala training the new CSRs for Kasakula district at Chikho 2 school, in Ntchisi District, Malawi. June 25th, 2021

Amongst the group sat Ethel Bottoman, a 22 year old smallhold farmer. She is quiet, yet bold. She holds her own and can make the room erupt in laughter. She believes that the training has been informative and has truly helped her understand how to best serve her community through choosing the right customers.

Ethel says, “Among others, they have learned to identify right customers within the community who are able to pay a fee which is charged per day.”

Women stands smiling in Malawi

Ethel Botomani, 22. She’s lives in Chanje Village, and she’s from Kbudu village. She’s an unmarried farmer, and she is starting her job as the CSR for Sunny Money in TA Kasakula. June 25th, 2021.

Ethel believes that Light a Village is important as it will improve people’s lives and she hopes that it will continue to expand and serve more communities. Of her experience so far, she says, “Many people are happy with the program because they want to live in light homes at night just like in towns.”

Another new CSR amid the group is Conlad Chiwaya. Conlad is 32 years old and has three children. A man of many talents, he currently works as a motorcycle mechanic, chairs the local Sunny Money energy group and is becoming a CSR for the Light a Village programme. He is excited about the new programme and what it means for the village.

Men at a training in Malawi

Newly trained CSRs for TA Kasakula. On the left is Conlad Chiwaya, 32.

The training helped him understand his new duties as a customer service representative. He says, “Today I learned how we can install this solar energy, and how we can find good customers.”

These customer service representatives work with the Light a Village programme to light up all of Ntchisi with clean, safe, and affordable solar power.