Let’s make light work

Liness hold her solar light proudly in her fields where she farms

Every time someone switches on a solar-powered light, it’s an instant win for people and the planet.

Kesilina smiles at the camera, stood ebneath her solar light

Kesilina switches on her solar home system for the first time.

Sunshine is in abundance in Africa. But when the sun goes down the working day ends for millions of people. For millions of others the
the only option is to ignite kerosene lamps and paraffin candles, which emit toxic fumes into their lungs and into the earth’s atmosphere.

Yet with the power of solar and the flick of a switch, we can change the story.

When you help get one of our portable solar lights into the hands of a farmer, a child or a midwife, it means they can work, study and deliver babies long into the night. All it takes is a simple light, that can be charged during the day and provide hours of light at night.

With every light you’re helping reach communities no one else is reaching. And together we’re working on getting solar power to every home, school and clinic in Sub-Saharan Africa by 2030.

Join us. Let’s make light work.

Let's make light work.

Join us. Collaborate with us.

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You can make real, sustainable change happen.

A sponsored bike ride completed by opne of our partners.

There are endless opportunities to collaborate with us. From working with us on projects that directly impact people’s lives to helping develop sustainable practices. Together, we could:

  • Demonstrate your commitment to a shared sustainable future
  • Utilise your unique skills and expertise to increase our impact
  • Give your staff an opportunity to unleash their potential
  • Get your organisation engaged in solving a global issue
  • Support your journey towards your ESG and even B-corp aims

At SolarAid, we’re not just aiming greener, more sustainable future for all – we are actively working towards it and you can be part of this too.

Our impact

  • 12 M

    people in sub-Saharan Africa reached by clean, safe, affordable light

  • $273 M

    saved by families each year

  • 2.2 M

    lights distributed

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