Zambian Agents Appeal

Penny Mupeta demonstrates a solar light to his customer

Every day at sunset, people without electricity across Zambia are forced to put themselves and their families at risk by burning kerosene lamps, paraffin candles or straw fires just for a bit of light.

SunnyMoney van stuck in the sane

A SolarAid van stuck in the sand

We rely on our solar Agents to bring lights to these families in the most remote areas of Zambia. They navigate muddy roads and hike dozens of kilometres of treacherous terrain in the rainy season to reach their customers.

As determined as they are, the long distances and unreliable roads are a constant struggle – our Agents deserve much more support than we can currently provide. That’s why, for our 2023 Spring Appeal, we asked you to support our Agents in Zambia.

We were amazed by your support, which will help provide more tools, training and support to expand their customer base and reach more people that want solar lights. In the video below one of our Agents, Simon, explains why solar lights are so important.



Despite the demand, Simon and other Agents struggle to reach many potential customers in the most far-flung areas of the country. That’s because Zambia is a vast country – more than three times the size of the UK.

Penny sits with his family around the fire.

Solar entrepreneur Penny gathers around his solar light with his family.

Our solar Agents are committed to getting solar lights to the people who need them, and now, thanks to your support, they can do just that!

Your generous donations and a £45,000 match fund from an anonymous supporter raised a huge £95,714 – meaning we smashed one of our biggest appeal targets yet!

Your incredible support means we can provide the extra resources and training that our Agents ask for. Thank you.


Simon Muchinga smiles at the camera
"One challenge is that of covering long distances of up to 30km delivering lights to my customers in far places."
Simon Muchinga