Pitch black learning

For many students and teachers across sub-Saharan Africa, energy poverty is a challenge faced at school and home. 

Lack of access to energy at schools reduces classroom resources available to teachers impacting the quality of education students can receive. Without light, students are unable to come in for after-school examinations and teachers are forced to use alternative light sources when marking in the dark.

At home, the challenges persist. Rural families have to use their energy sparingly. It is expensive and limited.

Many families do not have enough kerosene, or candles, for their children to study. Therefore, the children do not get to do their homework and struggle at school

Other families are able to spare a bit of light for their children at night. The children can study but often under poor quality and dangerous light which is infecting their lungs and eyes and causing accidents.

With a solar light, children can study safely and schools can impact the lives of these children well after dark. 

A solar light improves education.

A solar light changes everything

Three girls read with a solar light.

Fabriola wants to be a nurse

Fabriola’s bright smile lights up room as she speaks about how life has changed since her school received a Light Library. Her hopes and dreams are illuminated.

Wilson Makamo, teacher Malawi
"The performance does improve when students have a solar light. Those with solar can read when they are at home, so they can study more. The solars are very fantastic."
Wilson Makamo, teacher, Malawi

School Programmes

We are working together with teachers and schools to get clean, safe light for children to study by.

Light Libraries

For the poorest families, even the most affordable solar lights available remain out of reach. Like a book library, but for solar lights - students can borrow a solar light home in the evening.

School Campaigns

SolarAid’s core model, The SunnyMoney Way, begins by working with local schools and head teachers to build trust and demand for solar lights.

Ways to support