By making people safer after dark, solar lights increase security for people in remote, rural locations. For example, one of the main things people use solar lights for is spotting snakes when they walk about after dark!

Our research shows that women and children from low-income families are the primary users of kerosene lamps, so solar lights provide a huge improvement to the safety of women and children at night.

We are able to cook late and we feel safer because we are able to see outside in the dark in case we hear any strange noises.
Ruth Ngulube, Zambia

Brave Mhonie recounts a story of a woman he knew, “There was a certain woman that died from the Cattle Bay side of Malawi. She was mainly relying on burning grass or wood to light up her home. One night, she went to bed and [in the middle of the night], there was a snake on her neck. We found out [the next morning] that she was dead.” While this is indeed heartbreaking, Brave makes a good point, “Imagine if she only had a better, reliable light, her life would be saved.”

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