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A week can be a long time in climate action. In the last 7 days the world has seen the largest climate march in history, the Clinton Global Initiative conference and the UN Climate Summit.

Our social feeds have been awash with rousing videos from climate ambassadors like Leonardo Di Caprio, Al Gore and the Clinton family. And in the face of unprecedented weather phenomena and soaring global temperatures it is now possible to see a tide turning in the distance. Not just in the fight against climate change, or in the fight for a clean future, but also in the fight against energy poverty.

Al Gore presented an impassioned speech this week in which he stated that‘we are going to solve this crisis, we have what it takes to put the solutions in place’.Solutions like small hand held solar lamps and the innovative last mile distribution of our social enterprise SunnyMoney, who is selling a solar lamp every few seconds in Africa.

We’re doing our bit for a cleaner future. In the battle to replace fossil fuels with affordable, reliable, clean energy we have made some major headway.

However, in order to help usher in a new era of renewable energy across the whole continent we are going to need others to get involved. NGOs, governments, private business and society at large will need to come together. As Bill Clinton would say in his unique presidential tone, ‘we are creating a network of co-operators’, we are creating a movement.

Solar lights save families money, improve health and allow children to study after dark. They help provide opportunity, choice and dignity. As Al Gore puts it in his Keynote speech at the recent UNDP Equator Prize, ‘Solar equals freedom’. We couldn’t have put it better Al. But in order to help the whole continent achieve freedom, we’re going to need your help.

“There is an unstoppable revolution. We are the generation of people alive today that are going to make a difference for the future of human civilisation.” Al Gore

 See Hillary Clinton discuss energy poverty and solar power from 50 mins onwards 

Hillary Clinton once again found herself grabbing the attention of the SolarAid policy makers in the closing plenary at the Clinton Global Initiative conference, Aiming for the Moon and Beyond.

Hillary closed the three day summit with a focus on building partnerships, entrepreneurial philanthropy and innovation that will improve lives. Hillary referred to the 1.3 billion people globally who live without access to energy and to the innovative interventions that are already taking place, such as she says, the distribution of solar lanterns.

Well Hillary just as CGI policy makers are attempting to build partnerships, as a CGI ‘commitment maker’ we’re attempting to build an alliance. An alliance to eradicate the kerosene lamp.

The world is learning from its mistakes, we’re beginning to see clearly. We’re discovering new and innovative ways to solve problems, and have an opportunity now to help change the world for the better. So this is our own call to action; To NGOs, to agencies, to governments and to individuals; Join the alliance and help us build a movement that will see-off kerosene for good.