You’re incredible

A group of women from the Chimwemwe Mayi Walas are dancing and celebrating together under a tree.

You’ve just brightened up someone’s life!

You’ve just heard the story of Liness and how her life changed with a solar light. But now, thanks to you and your gift, another woman in rural Malawi will experience the instant impact of a solar light.

Your donation means a ‘Shining Mother’, just like Liness, will be able to get solar lights into the hands of those who need them the most. But it gets better because all donations up to £20,000 will be matched, meaning your donation will go double the distance!

Watch the video to see the joy and community created at the flick of a switch!

Flat lay of the SM200 and its packaging that tells the story of a solar lightWhy not experience the lightbulb moment for yourself?

Make the New Year a little bit brighter with your very own solar light. They are perfect for camping or as reading lights and they make a great gift for someone special.

When you hold a solar light in your hand, changing the world feels within reach.

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Liness Friday holds her solar light proudly and looks to camera.
"When the solar business started, we saved the money in village bank. In the end, we shared a lot of money and we did big things. We bought a goat. It has a kid now."
Liness Friday