Episode 1: Big Hairy Audacious Goal

In the first episode, host Kirsty Adams, together with guests from SolarAid, John Keane (CEO), Richard Turner (Director of Fundraising) and Brave Mhonie, (General Manager, Malawi), explores how setting big ambitions and daring to fail can inspire, elevate and take projects in new unexpected directions.

Episode Guests

John Keane, SolarAid CEO

John Keane pioneered solar projects in Africa, focusing on developing energy solutions for low income households after living in rural Tanzania as a volunteer in 2000. Since helping SolarAid set up in 2006 he has held many positions in the organisations and has been SolarAid CEO since 2017. John wrote the sector defining book about the growing Pico-Solar sector in 2012 and has played an instrumental role in helping develop the solar sector across Africa. He is currently based in Zambia.

Brave Mhonie, General Manager SunnyMoney Malawi

Brave Mhonie joined SolarAid’s social enterprise SunnyMoney in 2008. Starting out as a field officer he played an instrumental role in setting up the import of solar products to Malawi and launching the first schools programmes in the country. As the current General Manager he is leading the team in developing innovative business models to accelerate sustainable energy access in rural areas. Brave is seen delivering talks around the world on last mile energy access and is a board member of the Renewable Energy Industry Association (REIAMA) in Malawi.

Richard Turner, Director of Fundraising

Richard Turner, who worked as Chief Fundraiser at SolarAid from 2011 to 2016 returned as Director of Fundraising in 2021. With over 30 years of experience as a Fundraiser at Oxfam, Farm-Africa, FFI and ActionAid UK he is a well known name in the UK Fundraising sector. Richard has been delivering fundraising training for charities around the world, inspiring organisations to turn supporters into advocates by offering a great experience, by learning from failure, and by telling a great story.