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Zero Footprints competition winners

Zero Footprints is delighted to announce the winners of its 2018 competition which drew some amazingly strong entries depicting a wide variety of themes around the subject of Climate Change.

Images have the power to engage an audience in a way words cannot and in doing so begin a conversation and educate on a range of issues.  Zero Footprints administrator Ted Leeming notes that

“The solutions to climate change are complex, global and require radical change of thought and process but it is in part through recognition and small, simple individual and corporate acts that we stimulate that rethink rather than wait for others to provide all the answers.  These images form a stepping stone towards raising awareness and in doing so engaging a wider audience on the subject.”

The competition was split into 3 categories designed to celebrate the beauty and yet fragility of the natural world and then to explore and raise awareness with respect to issues and solutions surrounding climate change and how man is involved in the phenomena.  As such  the images asks questions, tell their own unique story and in doing so send a message to the viewer on a specific issue as well as the wider subject, with each beautifully representing the subject matter.

Chair of the judging panel,  Toby Herlinger of Fotospeed, was delighted with the responses to the competition.

“The overall winner, ‘Innocent’ by Christiaan Hart, beautifully encapsulates in a single image not only the beauty of our planet and diversity of species, but the questioning face asks more of the viewer, as if a plea to a guardian or parent to protect and nurture.  In ‘Kelowna Forest Fire’ (Josh Woodman) we see the devastation that results from an ever warming planet creating forest fires across the globe on an unprecedented scale just as ‘Columbia Icefield’ (David Rippin) not on depicts the stunning beauty of the planet but also the melting of our glaciers.  In ‘Human Paintbox’ (Karen Walker) we see the devastating impact that man can have on a local scale if we do not act responsibly and yet in ‘Wind Power’ (Felicity Key) we see a positive message of how man can, when the need and inspiration arises, make positive contributions towards change.  It is the range of images that together emphasise the message.”

All these images tell a story.  Each different and yet with a common theme.  Each photographer viewing the subject with individuality and responding differently but with the wider messaging consistent throughout.  It is the grace and elegance of the photos that attracts the viewer, with elegance adding hope to positively inspire rather than merely depict the ravages man can inflict.

The winning images will be displayed at PHOTOKINA in Cologne from 24-29 September.

WINNER – Jokulsarlon Dawn by Marc Girard

Category 3 Runner Up
Hanging On (James Thomas Long)

Category 3 Runner Up
Hunan Paintbox – (Karen Walker)

WINNER – Wind Power by Felicity Key

Category 2 Runner Up
Beauty & Erosion (Helen Storer)

Category 2 RUNNER UP
Columbia Icefield (David Rippin)

Winner – Kelowna Forest Fire by Josh Woodman

Category 1 Runner Up

Category 1 Runner Up
Jokulsarlon (Lizzie Shepherd)

WINNER AND OVERALL WINNER – “Innocent” by Christiaan Hart