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Your support is reaching those left in the dark

Last week we shared a sunny update from our team in Malawi about the impact your support has had on health clinics trying to tackle the virus.

We shared a story from Zomba District Hospital, where solar products, funded by your donations, were delivered to help in their vital work treating patients. Our team has now visited a number of facilities throughout Malawi to get light to where it is needed most.

Along with a small team, Brave Mhonie, General Manager of SunnyMoney Malawi travelled all over the country to deliver solar products to health centres. Brave said “Our donation has come in, responding to the pressure that the pandemic has put on the government, to make sure that our health workers have all the tools that they need to do their job properly.”

We are so happy to share this update, and grateful to all of our amazing Moment of Sunshine appeal supporters for helping us to achieve this, but there’s so much more that needs to be done.

Access to light, power and information has never been more important.

The situation in both Malawi and Zambia continues to change. The figures are increasing each day, but due to the lack of testing, the numbers are not a true reflection of what is happening.

What we know is that Africa is still behind other parts of the world in the amount of coronavirus cases, but it is following a similar trajectory in the number of cases and deaths.

We are worried. Remote health centres need the right tools in place for when the numbers start to increase drastically. That is why we are working with the Ministry of Health in both countries to provide solar products, so that they will have the essential resource of light, power and information to support doctors and nurses on the frontline.

Thank you for your help in continuing to get light to where it is needed most. With your support, our teams can visit more health facilities with solar products, and together, we can reach many more people.

– Team SolarAid