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You can triple your impact on the COVID-19 response

Brave Mhonie

My name is Brave Mhonie, I lead the team in Malawi.

I hope you are keeping safe and well. I love the SolarAid supporters, and I am worried to hear of the updates about the coronavirus outbreak across so many countries.

We have the same concerns about our own country. At the moment of writing this, we have 36 cases and three deaths. There will be more now.

We are afraid. Our usual work has stopped but we know there is something we can do. Our reason for being here, the reason you are part of our family, is now truer than ever:

We can get light to where it is needed most.

Our rural health clinics have to close at night without light. In the case of an emergency, nurses have to work in the dark or under candlelight to treat patients. These clinics will now be under more pressure than ever.

We are responding, click here to triple your impact today. 

In partnership with the Ministry of Health, we are supplying thousands of free solar products to the rural health clinics in both countries so doctors and nurses can safely treat patients when darkness falls.

Our teams are also contacting solar light customers to give them the correct guidance about the virus. Many are respected people in their local community who can share the information needed to stop it spreading.

We know that together, we can make a difference. By combating the virus through our Moment of Sunshine appeal, we can get light to where it is needed most.

Can you help? If you haven’t already joined our appeal, please consider giving.

£20 buys a portable solar light for a clinic to use at night for treating patients.

From today, every £1 you give will be tripled to £3 until we reach £110,000 thanks to funders who wish to help us raise more as fast as possible.
This is just the first step, we are exploring how else we can help. But this, in a time of darkness, is what we can do right now.

Together, we can get light to where it is needed most.

Thank you,

– Brave Mhonie, Country Director, SolarAid Malawi