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We have hit our halfway mark!

Jade Zelkowicz

My name is Jade and I have had the pleasure of leading on our Moment of Sunshine appeal alongside the amazing SolarAid team.

This has been such a difficult time full of uncertainties for everyone, but there has also been so much hope and a feeling of togetherness. Being connected to our wonderful supporters has been so encouraging and inspiring, brightening my day.

I wanted to share the news that our appeal has hit its next milestone – we are over the halfway mark! With your help, we have raised an incredible £121,723 towards getting light to where it is needed most. Thank you so much, you are amazing.

To celebrate, we want to share some of our supporter Moments of Sunshine with you. They have all kindly donated towards our appeal and told us why,

“This makes so much sense, to improve the climate, health and education all together. And SolarAid is the sunniest charity I know of!”

“My sister told me about your charity. I am committed to reducing the world’s carbon footprint and feel passionately that solar power is the way forward, especially for developing countries which are rich in solar resources (sunlight) but poor in infrastructure to capture and use.”

“It was very sunny here yesterday. Your work is light in a dark world.”

These are just a few comments from incredible supporters, there have been many others that have joined our appeal – you should too!

We still have some way to go to reach the £242,000 target, but together with your support, we know we can do it. Together, we can continue to get light to where it is needed most.

Thank you so much, and keep on brightening our days by sharing your Moments of Sunshine with us.

– Jade Zelkowicz, Supporter Engagement Manager