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Video: 9 year old George’s ingenious invention

This little video, from Mandevu village highlights what families in Malawi are doing for basic lighting at home. It demonstrates “the gap” which is being created by the majority of energy projects in Africa – which do not address energy access for the poor, leaving them locked in poverty.
There is a huge amount of work to do to achieve SDG7 and provide “access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all, by 2030” – this problem deserves the World’s attention.

Without access to electricity, we’re tying our hands behind our backs trying to eradicate poverty.

The current global efforts to solve SDG7 are not enough. In 12 years, George will be 21 – and another generation will have grown up without power. Disadvantaged. Locked into the poverty trap. We need to make George’s generation the last. Find out how you can help.