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The #PitchDarkPortrait challenge

Can you imagine living without electricity? No TV, no mobile phone, no fridge, or oven or light!?

When the clocks went back last Sunday, and the UK got darker one hour earlier, our long time friends and supporters at 9BAR kicked off a very clever awareness raising campaign highlighting what it’s like to live without light. 9BAR have supported SolarAid since March 2015 with sales from every 9BAR providing a night’s clean, sustainable energy for families in Africa where the only sources of light are dim and dirty – such as the expensive kerosene lamp.

The campaign uses a fun little activity to shine a light on our mission to bring safe and affordable solar lamps to rural African communities, by highlighting how difficult it is to do things when you can’t see at night.

It’s a great campaign which has been supported by a whole host of celebrities, who have made a #PitchDarkPortrait and are helping raise money for SolarAid.

To get involved, there are four simple steps:

Step 1

Cover your eyes or turn off the lights and draw your self-portrait on a piece of A4 paper

Step 2

Take a photo of yourself / have someone take a photo of you holding up your #PitchDarkPortrait next to your face

Step 3

Post the photo of you holding your #PitchDarkPortrait on Twitter and / or Instagram, including the hashtag

Step 4

Text SEED09 followed by the amount you wish to donate to 70070 (e.g. SEED09 £3)

We’re very grateful to 9BAR for all the hard work and energy they have put into the campaign. Their energy bars are packed with naturally nutritious sunflower, pumpkin, sesame and hemp seeds as well as other naturally high-fibre, gluten free ingredients.  9BARs are free from wheat, gluten, yeast and egg so they’re ideal for those with specific allergies or dietary requirements and contains no trans fats, artificial additives, preservatives or colours!

Kerry Collinge, 9BAR Marketing Director said:

We are thrilled to launch #PitchDarkPortrait in conjunction with SolarAid. Not only is this a lovely campaign for friends and families to easily participate in – it’s actually really fun to do! The awareness and money raised will really seed change and help towards SolarAid’s eventual aim of completely eradicating dangerous and expensive kerosene lamps.

Thanks 9BAR – you’re amazing.