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Sunshine Stories

As regular readers of the SolarAid blog will know, solar energy does more than just generate power – it changes lives!

Sunshine Stories is a short documentary series, by Jill Johannessen, on how solar energy is a liberating power, featuring tales from rural Africa.

Jill traveled around East Africa to explore how solar energy not only brings clean power, but forsters a series of development benefits among the poor. In five episodes, she presents how solar energy triggers new economic opportunities, fosters entrepreneurship, improves agricultural practices, increases food security and facilitates better education and health services.

Check out the videos below.


Sunshine Stories. Episode1 Solar energy leapfrogging central grids


Sunshine Stories. Episode 2 Solar boosting business


Sunshine Stories. Episode 3 Solar energy can revolutionize agriculture and boost food security


Sunshine Stories. Episode 4 Solar power improves educational opportunities


Sunshine Stories. Episode 5 Solar energy strengthens health services