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SunnyMoney in Senegal

You may recall from a previous SolarAid article that we began work on our first ever programme in Senegal last year, funded by the World Bank.

Well, since the completion of our Light Libraries project back in July 2013 we have been continuing to work alongside Senegalese government partners to set-up our innovative SunnyMoney Schools programme.

The programme is quite simple; it entails reaching out to head teachers via regional meetings to establish distribution networks in remote rural communities. Enabling us to reach rural families without the expensive and time consuming task of visiting them individually.

We are hugely excited about the forthcoming SunnyMoney schools campaigns as it’s the first time we’ve implemented them in West Africa.

Our Director of Research & Impact is currently in the capital city Dakar, before heading to the field next week to begin evaluating the success and impact of the project. Kat is hoping to build on the Light Libraries projects, trialled in the summer, to assess whether they are a viable way to seed and nurture a market which has not been introduced to solar lights before.

For further information about Kat’s plans in Senegal, click this link to read her latest blog.