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SolarAid down under


Jeremy Leggett, the founder of solarcentury who went on to establish SolarAid and our social enterprise arm SunnyMoney, was interviewed by Australian radio network ABC for their Science Show. Jeremy, who is the incumbent chair of SolarAid’s founding partner solarcentury, discusses the benefits of solar energy with presenter Robyn Williams.

Jeremy reels off an impressive list of health, educational and financial benefits that are achieved through using our small, hand-held solar lamps rather than the dangerous, toxic and expensive Kerosene alternatives. He mentions our fantastic sales figures this year: up from 40,000 solar lamps last year to well over 300,000 in 2012 – with the aim to top a million next year.

The World Bank’s Lighting Africa project has confirmed that we have a 25% share of the solar energy market in Africa and Jeremy goes on to explain the advantages of creating a market rather than simply providing aid.

You can listen to the extract here