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Light Up Lives On Your Outdoor Adventures

Biolite panel attached to a backpack

Discover the Sun King Pro and BioLite Solar Panel

In today’s world, where sustainability and impact go hand-in-hand, choosing eco-friendly energy solutions is more than a personal choice—it’s a global statement. At SolarAid, we focus on getting clean, sustainable light to the remotest corners of Sub-Saharan Africa and when you buy one of our innovative solar charging products, you become part of that journey.

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The Power of Light: Sun King Pro

Greenlight Planet Sun King Pro 400

Sun King Pro 400

The Sun King Pro is not just any solar charging device; it’s a powerful light that can brighten the darkest room. Designed with cutting-edge technology, this solar light cum charger epitomises efficiency and reliability. Its robust build and exceptional brightness make it an indispensable tool for daily life, allowing families to extend their working day well into the night. Whether it’s for studying, working, or ensuring safety after dark, the Sun King Pro stands out as a leader in solar-powered lighting.

But the impact of choosing the Sun King Pro extends far beyond its luminous capabilities. This light is capable of charging small devices by USB, so that you can have power no matter where you are. And there’s more because every purchase helps get solar lights to people in rural Africa, lighting up lives and unlocking potential.

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Harnessing the Sun: BioLite Solar Panel

BioLite Solar Charging Panel

BioLite Solar Panel 5+

The BioLite Solar Panel 5+ represents a leap towards eco-friendly power independence. This compact, yet powerful solar panel, is engineered for efficiency and portability, making it perfect for both outdoor adventurers and environmentally conscious households. Its intuitive design ensures that you can harness the power of the sun anywhere, anytime.

It’s the ultimate companion for camping adventures and festival outings. This lightweight, portable solar panel is engineered for the outdoors, ensuring your devices stay charged without the need for conventional power sources. Its efficient solar cells are perfect for powering smartphones, cameras, and other essential gadgets, making it a must-have for any eco-conscious outdoor enthusiast.

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Lighting up lives in an instant

When you choose the Sun King Pro or BioLite Solar Panel, you’re not just buying a product; you’re making a difference. Every purchase supports SolarAid’s initiatives to get solar lights into the hands of people in Africa, changing lives overnight.

When you help get one of our simple solar lights into the hands of a farmer, it means they can sort through their soya beans even after the sun sets. For a child it means they can get ahead in school because they can actually do their homework in the evening. And midwives can deliver babies safely through the night. With every light you’re helping to make local enterprise happen and you’re helping reach rural communities no one else is reaching.

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Get yours today and join the journey towards a brighter, more sustainable world. By embracing solar charging devices like the Sun King Pro and the BioLite Solar Panel, you’re not only opting for high-quality, eco-friendly lighting solutions but also contributing to a cause that changes lives at the flick of a switch. Together, we’re making light work.

Penny Mupeta demonstrates a Sun King Pro on the roof of a house

Penny Mupeta demonstrates a Sun King Pro