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Moment of Sunshine milestone

Kaluba Musakanya


Our appeal has reached its first milestone. The first £15,000 has now been matched by you – our amazing supporters! Thank you. Here is a message from me,

We still have a way to go to reach the £162k target. However, we are working on the next pot of match-funding to ensure your Moment of Sunshine is twice as bright!

Everyday, the impact we have together is becoming more vital. Cases in both Malawi and Zambia continue to rise. A 19 year old girl has just died from coronavirus in Zambia.

We need to get the right health information to people as quickly as possible – we can help prevent such tragedies! The phonecalls have started but they have to continue.

Your moments of sunshine have already started getting light to where it is needed most. Please keep sharing them with us. This one from David made our day!

Thank you and keep on shining!

– Kaluba, Programme and Corporate Manager, Zambia