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Moment of Sunshine for you

Danielle Mensah


My name is Danielle and I’m often the first to read your email or donation messages, or answer your phone call. It’s been an inspirational few weeks hearing from you as we move forward in our new reality. Thank you.

Many of you have shared your Moment of Sunshine with us – the things that are brightening our day. I’m enjoying reading about neighbours and friends pulling together, dropping off shopping, having a newfound appreciation for slow-living and a chance to connect with the environment around us.

The common theme amongst all of these responses is ‘togetherness’. This was one that made me smile:

“…my moments of sunshine in my isolation are the laugh-out-loud emails I get from friends, because laughter is the best medicine.”

Focussing on the positive – these Moments of Sunshine – can contribute to a brighter outlook and bring us together at this difficult time.

Whilst focusing on our response to COVID-19, we are with you in capturing these moments together. Your response to our Moment of Sunshine appeal has been incredible.

We have already raised an incredible £11,635. If we reach £15,000, this will release a further £15,000 of match-funding from a supporter. Thank you.

Getting solar lights to rural health clinics in Zambia is the Moment of Sunshine we can all provide to these crucial services, and show that we are in this together.

We’ve all felt a little helpless recently, but we can help. If you would like to donate and share your moment of sunshine, we would love to hear from you.

To help keep us all upbeat at SolarAid, we created a music playlist on Spotify with tracks like ‘Here Comes The Sun’ and ‘I Can See Clearly Now’ (do you see the theme?). You can listen to the SolarAid Sunny Songs playlist yourself.

If there is someone who could use a bit of sunshine in their day, please do share this email with them. We hope it helps.

Thanks so much, and keep on sharing your Moments of Sunshine with us. We are with you.

– Danielle, Supporter Experience Administrator

Here’s a snapshot from our Global call with our teams in the UK, Malawi and Zambia – we are all trying our best to keep our spirits up!