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Light IQ help light up Africa

We are proud to announce Light IQ’s recent success with their “Lighting up Africa” campaign. They reached their 2013 fundraising target, which would be enough to provide funds to install solar kits in Chigawi School in the Mzuzu district, Northern Malawi. Light IQ, a leading lighting design consultancy, was the first company from the lighting industry to partner and fundraise for us at SolarAid.

The news has everyone in a sunny mood, the teachers and pupils are very excited about having solar lighting at their school and we are happy to rid another school of kerosene.

Many of these students live in homes without electricity, this campaign gives them the opportunity to study in a solar-lit classroom which is kerosene-free.

This will have a direct impact on the amount of study hours children at the school can undertake and will improve exam results, as well as supporting local people to take teaching exams.

Only 9% of people in rural sub-Saharan Africa have access to electricity, with the average family spending up to 25% of their income on toxic kerosene for lighting.

Our aim is to eradicate kerosene from Africa by 2020 and get a clean light in every home.

To find out more, read the Light IQ blog here