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John Keane launches new solar book

John Keane, the intrepid SunnyMoney Global Development Director, has just published his first book. Pico-solar Electric Systems: The Earthscan Expert Guide to the Technology and Emerging Market is an all you need to know bible for those wishing to get involved in the off-grid lighting sector.

John has been with us since we were just a small fledgling charity, uncertain, and lacking in any clearly defined goals and objectives. John helped build our model, and was instrumental in the shift away from macro solar to pico-solar products.

He has spent the last decade observing the life changing impact one small pico-solar light can have on a rural family in Africa. John also helped set-up and trial our ground breaking distribution model, whereby lights are sold through school networks to ensure last mile distribution. John was there for our first schools campaign in Mafia Island, Tanzania, and has now facilitated more than one million solar light sales, scaling access on a remarkable scale.
John is a huge advocate of the power of pico-solar lights and wants to do what he can to draw attention to the industry, and encourage others to enter the market. The book contains vital information on how innovative organisations are scaling up their distribution networks, how new product designs are set toenhance access for bottom of the pyramid customers and how pico-solar products can begin to tackle global poverty.

For more information or to buy the book please click this link.