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Event in the dark raises awareness to light up Africa

Photo: Inti Tupac Photography

Shortly after The Economist’s article came out about how ‘electricity does not change poor lives as much as we thought’, we had a live music event to raise awareness about the issue and importance of energy access. Guests learned about the impact of energy poverty in low income countries and were then taken on an audible journey from East to West Africa and throughout as they sat in the dark.

“SolarAid’s Dark Room Sessions was an unexpectedly powerful experience. I walked away with a new understanding and perspective of what it would be like to live with the daily challenges of no light, and the unique format gave me a sense of empathy towards those who live without that which we take for granted.”

– Chris Smith

600 million people across Africa live without access to light and electricity, which is important for economies to develop. While a small solar light, or even full access to electricity will not solve poverty alone, we know you cannot fight poverty without it.

“The SolarAid Dark Room’s session was a truly inspiring event. Beyond the beauty of the experience itself – listening to great music from across Africa in the dark – it was a great way to make you stop and think about what it might be like to live in the dark, without light every day, even if only for three hours. For that reason it was a really powerful and engaging experience.”

 Daniel Webb

We want to thank everyone who came to the event. We hope you enjoyed yourselves and took something away to share with friends and family.

We also want to thank the incredibly talented performers, The Ganda Boys, Modou Touré and Moses Concas, and Poxy Productions, MCFEA, Carbon Credentials, Namene Solar Lighting Company, Inti Tupac Photography and Ham the Illustrator for powering this event!

Photos from the event are now available to download and share here! #LightingUpAfrica