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Cycling the Earth with a fractured back…

Have you met Sean Conway yet? No… well I’d like to tell you a little about him then:

Sean is cycling 19,000 miles of the planet’s surface so he can raise £100,000 to help us banish kerosene lamps from Africa. Plus, he wants to break the current world record and return to London in time for the Olympics!

Sean began his epic ride in Europe, up through South America and on to the United States. And he was doing well. Very well. Until one day in Arkansas, US,  when he was hit by a truck travelling at 55mph. Sean was thrown onto the bonnet of the lorry and knocked unconscious. See what American TV made of the crash here.

The Recovery


Upon hearing the news, we were naturally devastated and concerned for Sean’s health, but we also had a sneaky feeling that he would return to the road – we knew how determined he is, we’d met Sean.

A few days later I checked his Facebook – photos of a battered cyclist in a neck brace greeted me. It was hard to look at, but on further investigation it became clear that Sean considered his crash a hindrance, rather than a full stop. He was going to continue, no matter how many days it took. Sean wanted to raise as much money as he could for his charity… SolarAid and we felt honoured.


Fast forward

So where’s Sean now? Singapore, cycling hundreds of miles a day… with a fractured back. Needless to say he is very tired… Check out his blog:

“So my Australian leg is now over. I cycled more than 3000 miles in 3 weeks….” Read on at

How to help Sean reach £100,000

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Tweet about Sean and ‘Like Sean’ on Facebook – the more people who know his story the more we can tell people about our work!