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Big Clive reviews the SM100

The infamous Big Clive from YouTube’s “un-boxing” craze has finally got his hands on an SM100 and, as is his want, taken the little solar light to pieces. SolarAid would like to point out that:

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you ever, EVER, take the SM100 to bits.

There’s a very good reason for this; mainly that there are no user serviceable parts inside. At all. But also, anyone who does take their SM100 apart will immediate invalidate the warranty.

Big Clive is a real geek. He knows electronics better than Mr Maplin and, as the 250k+ subscribers to his YouTube channel will attest, he loves to “teardown” (that simply means “disassemble” to people like you and me) any and all gadgets he can get his hands on.

Here he is doing his best with the SM100. He goes to town on reverse engineering all of the SM100s components and even the design of the electronics, concluding that the lights designers, Inventid, and manufacturers, Yingli, have made some good decisions. Considering his ‘down to earth’ review style and general aversion to hyperbole we consider the following conclusion a real rave review:

“…quite a nice little light… I could see these being very useful, particularly in countries which don’t have a power distribution network… particularly for kids as it would be their own little source of light… and much safer than kerosene or candles… I think this is quite a good design.”

Thanks Clive