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Behind the scenes with Ian McEwan

Richard Turner

Apart from looking forward to Christmas, and also the New Year, there’s a third reason to get excited this December… SolarAid’s BBC Radio 4 Appeal, with best selling author, Ian McEwan! Our Director of Fundraising, Richard Turner, gives us his reaction after watching from ‘behind the scenes’ at the appeal.

Every so often, as a fundraiser, you have one of those moments that you will always remember. You can picture the people you were with, the sounds, even the smells. And the moment that seals the memory is when the hairs on the back of my neck rise. It’s my instinct telling me I’ve just witnessed something special.

The last time I had one those moments was whilst observing the recording of the SolarAid radio appeal with writer Ian McEwan; his delivery was extraordinary. Each word was carefully considered, crafted and spoken.

Here is a taster video, recorded straight after the appeal when Ian spoke freely about how he got involved in supporting SolarAid. He says in words what so many of us who work at SolarAid feel. He captured why we are driven to do what we do each day.

Please listen to Ian’s full message to be broadcast on BBC Radio 4, Sunday 30 December at 7:55 am, or for those late risers 9:26 pm. If you miss it you can listen to the repeat on Thursday 3 January 2013 at 15.27 pm, or simply click this link and listen online.

If you react as I did, and get the equivalent of my ‘hairs on the back of the neck sensation’, please share your experience and do what your instinct tells you. You’ll remember the moment you did so.

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