Capital: Dakar

Population: 15.85 million

Area: 196,839 km2

SolarAid first worked in Senegal in 2014 as part of the successful Light Libraries pilot project. The electrification rate of the country is relatively high at 64% nationwide compared to surrounding countries, but only 42% of rural areas have access to electricity.

In November 2018, ElleSolaire and SolarAid announced a partnership with the common goal of increasing access to clean energy in rural communities in Senegal through women-led entrepreneurship. Together, we will combat energy poverty, gender inequality and climate change, and provide rural communities in Senegal with economic opportunity and clean energy solutions that work.

Over 1.4 million CO2 emissions could be averted if 6 million people were given solar lights

6 million people do not have access to electricity.

Between 5,400 and 6,300 people die annually from diseases caused by indoor air pollution.