In support of the 10 year anniversary of SunnyMoney Zambia, Radio Christian Voice, are helping to promote solar.

Radio Christian Voice is an independent Christian Station, located in Lusaka, Zambia, that has been broadcasting to central and southern Africa since 1994. It covers most of the provinces and has a huge listening population.

When they heard about our 10 year anniversary they called us up and asked if they could swap some radio adverts for some SM100 solar lights. We figured, since they agreed to give us an interview slot and a bunch of free adverts slots too, this would be a perfect way to boost awareness of SunnyMoney and the SM100.

Radio Christian Voice will use the solar lights as incentives and give-aways during their on air and live shows. It’s a great way to get our information out to people who may have never heard of us, and RCV agreed to include our product flyers with each light they give away.

Check out the advert we recorded – we think it’s rocking!